The News is a journalistic and non-literary textual genre that is present in our daily life, being found mainly in the media.

It is therefore an informative text about a current theme or some real event, carried out by the main media: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, among others.

For this reason, the news is informative and can be descriptive and narrative texts at the same time, presenting, therefore, time, space and the characters involved.

News Features

The main features of the news genre are:

  • Informative text
  • Descriptive and / or narrative texts
  • Relatively short texts
  • Placed in the media
  • Formal, clear and objective language
  • Texts with titles (main and auxiliary)
  • Third-person texts (impersonal)
  • Indirect speech
  • Real facts, current and everyday

Structure and Example of News

Usually the news follows a basic structure classified in:

Primary Title and Auxiliary Title

The news consists of two titles, that is, a main one, also called a Manchete, which synthesizes the theme that will be approached, and another one a little bigger, which helps the understanding of the main title, that is, it is a cut of the subject which will be explored, for example:

News and Report

Although the news and the report are journalistic texts, the news differs from the report insofar as it is an informational and impersonal text, without opinative content, characteristic of the reports. In addition, the news is not texts signed by the author, while the reports feature the name of the reporter.

Among other differences that may arise between these types of texts, it is worth remembering that the news presents a current theme in a completely informative way, while the report delves deeper into the social themes and interest of society presenting the views of the author.