The opinion article is a type of argumentative-essay text where the author has the purpose of presenting a certain theme and his point of view, and therefore receives that name.

It has the characteristics of a journalistic text and its main objective is to inform and persuade the reader about a subject.

Thus, argumentation is the main rhetorical resource used in opinion articles, which arise mainly in texts disseminated by the media, whether on television, radio, newspapers or magazines.

For this reason, this type of text usually addresses current issues, being much sought after in the entrance exams and public competitions.

Main features

The main characteristics of opinion articles are:

  • Use of argumentation and persuasion
  • Texts written in first and third person
  • They are usually signed by the author
  • They are productions conveyed in the media
  • They have a simple, objective and subjective language
  • Choosing current themes
  • They have controversial and provocative titles
  • Contains verbs in the present and imperative

Structure: How to make an opinion article?

Generally, opinion articles follow the pattern of the structure of argumentative essay texts:

  • Introduction (presentation): presentation of the theme that will be discussed during the article.
  • Development (interpretation): moment in which the opinion and the argument are the main resources used.
  • Conclusion (opinion): finalization of the article with presentation of ideas to solve the problems on the proposed theme.